We help first time home buyers find their dream home


First Time Home Buyer’s

I believe every first time home buyer deserves to buy property with an expert. My service is designed to help first home buyers make the right choice and have a stress free experience. Many first home buyer’s buy their first home based on emotion. Australian research suggests that around 44% of people paid more for a home.

5 Top Tips for buying your home

1. Reduce your debt

Home Deposit

Reducing your debt as a first time home buyer such as personal loans, credit cards, interest free loans can assist greatly when applying for a home loan. Connecting with a mortgage broker can help first home buyers understand what your borrowing capacity is before applying for a home loan. Understanding what your borrowing capacity as a first time home buyer be can assist you with understanding your budget and will help when searching for property. Having your home loan pre approved prior to property searching can assist greatly in securing a great deal. C&M Property Partners can connect you with an experienced mortgage broker as part of you initial free strategy session. 

2. First home buyer grants and other costs

Mortgage Broker Advice

All Australian states and territories will have initiatives for first time home buyers, grants ranged between $7,000 and $26,000. In NSW the scheme currently includes a lump sum grant of $10,000 for first home owners buying a new home up to the value of $600,000, or building a new property up to the value of $750,000. 

Also stamp duty on land is except for eligible first home buyers  purchasing vacant land valued up to $350,000. It is also important to understand other associated costs when buying a house such as conveyancing costs building and pest inspections etc and other associated settlement costs. C&M Property Partners can connect you with local services to assist first home buyer's with these additional services at a good prices with local knowledge and expertise.  

3. Understanding the property value

Property Search

Conducting due diligence in the property market gives you an important understanding of where you can buy and how much it will cost. C&M Property Partners  provide first home buyers with a tailored report outlining property comparisons, sales history, on market and off market properties. This will assist you as a first time home buyer with gaining an understanding of the property value. C&M Property Partners is also connected with a number of real estate agents gaining insight to upcoming off market and pre market properties.   

4. Understanding the buying process

Property Due Diligence

Understanding the buying process can be tricky for first time home buyers. There there are different rules for homes bought at auction and homes purchased via private treaty. The negotiation process with real estates can be daunting and requires a good understanding of the property value and expertise to ensure you get the right price. Before you make an offer or bid on a property, you’ll need to have a deposit ready to pay the vendor, as well as loan pre-approval to pay the balance on settlement. C& M Property Partners can help research you preferred locations, conduct due diligence and negotiate on your behalf. 

5. Identify your home buying strategy

Home Buyers Report

As a first time home buyer having a clear first home buyer’s strategy is important to consider before commencing your property journey. Understanding what your needs are, your budget, preferred location, i.e Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, property type and what experts you require to secure your property. Engaging a buyers agent that is familiar with the local area and is connected with other professionals such as a mortgage broker, conveyancer, pest and building inspector and local trades can also assist you with developing a clear strategy for buying your first home. C&M Property Partners can help you to develop a strategy plan  outlining all of your needs and preferences and connect you to the relevant professionals and expertise to help you with your property journey.