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C&M Property Partners are licensed buyers agents and property specialist who specialise in helping new home buyers and experienced investors buy the right property at the right price. We provide you with professional guidance and can support you with organising finance, searching, negotiating and securing  your propert

Our 6 Step Buyers agent Process

1. Consultation

What is a buyers agent

As a Buyers Agent we help you with the following we conduct an initial consultation either via phone or face to face to identify your property needs and goals.

2. Strategy Session- Buyers Agent

Property Comparisons and data

Our Buyers Agent Strategy Session provides you with a range of options to find the right property for you. We will develop a free strategy plan outlining the type of property you want us to find and develop an agreed strategy to secure the right property for you. 

3. Property Search

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter and Central Coast Property searching

Our property search methods can assist you to access off market, pre market and on market properties. As your buyers agent we will conduct an extensive property search and provide you with a property report identifying comparative data and property options 

4. Present Property Options

Property Search 
Newcastle Property

As your buyers agent we will present you with a range  of property options based on your preferred criteria, property investment needs and inspect these properties on your behalf and or with you. 

5. Negotiation

Property Negotiation

Once we have confirmed your desired property options we can get a copy of the contract, liaise with the real estate agent, organise a pest and building report, liaise with your broker and also your legal representative to ensure contracts are sound if required. And as your buyers agent we will proceed to negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal for you. 

6. Exchange And Settlement

Property Settlement

We will support you through the exchange and settlement process and connect you with the relevant professionals and or liaise on your behalf  to get the job done. We can even assist you post settlement to connect with local services should you need. 

Property investment

Brokerage services

We offer brokerage services

 We help by:

  • Being your buyers agent and advocate 
  • Negotiating with real estate agents and purchase residential  property on behalf of businesses or individuals 
  • Save time and money 
  • Conducting property searches and due diligence 
  • Property Inspections 
  • Support Renewal and renegotiation of lease 
  • Explore property investment opportunities 


Once the property type is identified we will undertake the necessary due-diligence to ensure either the residential or commercial building meets your requirements. We will skilfully negotiate the best possible lease terms, rent and conditions that are in your best interests. Our sole commitment is you.


Sourcing property can be stressful and very time consuming we will save you the time of having to search for the right property. We will meet with you to discuss your property needs and conduct extensive research to find you the right property. 

We will save you money by doing all the hard work by finding you the right property to meet your business needs


We can also offer buyer agent services and auction bidding services should your business want to expand its residential or commercial portfolio.

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